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Indonesia-Japanese Dictionary
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  • インドネシア語・日本語辞書データです。
  • 登録語数はようやく9250語(2003.1.24版)
  • PDIC VersionはTaNさんのPersonal Dictionaryソフトで利用できます。

  • 関連リンク) インドネシア語辞書ソフトの紹介

Integrated Traffic Assignment Simulation

This simulation program can assign vehicle trips on road network and person trips on transit network at the same time. Up to now this kind of simulations were separated for vehicle trips and person trips, therefore it was difficult to simulate the impacts to road capacities by bus routes or the reductions of bus speeds by road congestions. This program is developed to integrate them.

Ver.3.04 (2006/04/15)
Traffic Assignment Manual Ver.3.04 (491KB)
Traffic Assignment Main Program Ver.3.04(261KB)
Additional Traffic Analysis Programs Ver.3.04(3,025KB)
FORTRAN Source Files Ver.3.04(111KB)
  • This program generates bus route links and bus stop connections from node connection data of road network (Viper Format).
  • Max. number of links (road & bus routes) =< 300,000
  • Max. Number of road links =< 30,000
  • Max. Number of nodes (including bus stops) =< 98,000
  • Max. Number of bus routes =< 4,000
  • mail Please E-mail to me when you improve those programs and make some additional interfaces.


  • ごめんなさい。日本語のマニュアルはありません。
  • 利用されましたら mail お手紙 メールを戴けると嬉しいです。

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